For by Faith

I guess the best way to have some results in your prayer life is
faith.  Our God is a strange God he says so in the bible.  And he is strange.  Faith is hope in things not yet seen.  And yet there's only faith that  helps us achive reproar with Christ.

So prayer is more alot more then just sitting down, or kneeling down and speaking out words, we must have all the things I've talked about from the beginning of this article.

God Bless and Father?

Lord Jesus?  Holy Spirit?  I ask that you bless this person that is reading this.  I ask that they are blessed mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and finacially.

I ask that you give them discernment in all things and wisdom from your Holy Spirit.

I ask that we not be lulled into thinking we are in safety and I ask that we pray and pray.  For the goons of satan are up and at it early in the morning till way late at nite.

Should we not do the same?

Thankyou Jesus


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