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Yes I finally have power in my prayer life?  Yes I do.  But still it wasn't any good thing I did, or ever will do or ever did do.  It litterally is through no good work I've done, it's by total surrender.  And reading God's book.  The bible.

it says  in John 1:1

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.  Did you hear that?  The word was God?  The word is acutally God, it says that right there in black and white.

And is says in Hebrews 4:12

Indeed the word of God is livng and active, more powerful then any two edged sword.  It is capable of piercing soul from spirit, and marrow from the joints.  It knows the intentions of the heart in all of us?

More powerful then any two edged sword?  Did you hear that God's word is more powerful then any two edged sword.  God does't just sit up there in heaven and say to the writers of the scripture.......oh.....I think for today I'll
bla bla bla?  No I'm 59 years old and I've never caught God in one idle word. Not one.

I have battles with the people who use witch craft dayly.  And it says in Revelations 13.......who can war against the beast?  Can you war against demons?  Because that's what the people (goons is what I call them) of satan do, they get up the first thing in the morning and they start casting spells, and speaking out wickedness and conieving and consulting in each others' wickedness.  And there's only one thing and one thing alone that will battle witch craft effectively and that is the word of God.

I've been battling witch craft for 35 or 36 years and no man on earth has any power over witch craft, I personally am powerless over witch craft.  I'm litterally helpless.  And yet I have people dayly casting spells and incantations on me, but I make it through with shinning colors?  Do I do it myself?  Do I do it on my own?  I just told you I'm powerless over witch craft and it's a mighty foe I'll kid you not.  If you don't believe it, you're either clear out of touch in what's going on today, or you're a total liar and one of them.

The spoken word is powerful.  All powerful, and no spirit, no demon, no satan, no person, no man, woman or child has any power over the spoken word.  But just because I'm telling you this would it appear that I have some power?  No, NO a hundred times no, I've just told you I'm powerless.

No when I allow God full power over my life, regardless of the humilliation, the lies, the deciet, the hammering I'm going to get for doing it, and speak out the word and allow God to answer it in His way, do you hear me? God's way, then I have powerful results in my prayer life. And again.........I have no power what so ever, I am powerless do I have to say it again?  God and God alone has all power.

And there are those who say "Oh satan is just a little pill, he has no power over you at all if YOU ONLY have faith?"  ha! Christ himself said Christ said do you hear me?  "And those who endure to the end will be saved."  now did you hear that? Endure to the end.

Did you see what they did to Christ?  And he was and is the son of God.  And they did such vile contemptable things to him, and Christ said "if they do this to me the tree what will they do to the branches?"

No being a christian isnt' some wonderful pleasant thing you do on Sunday, or Wednesday, or any other day of the week.  yes all of us are saved by grace, but we must take all we have and renounce it for Christ.  Everything we have.

Yes I have joy, but it's not cause I just got a new car and a new husband, it's because I've surrendered my life 112 percent to christ.  And even that wasn't done on my own.  Every good thing you see in me, is from Christ.  On my own all I have are good intentions.

I'm a gossip, a meddler, I over eat, I smoke, I cuss, I have not one good thing on my own to offer you.  Everything I have that is good  comes from Christ, and these aren't just phoney words, this is the most sincere words I have to tell you.  On my own I am nothing.  I love to brag, I love to take credit for things that go well, and blame others when it doesn't go well? No I'm just as big a jerk as anybody else when I'm not allowing Christ full sway over me.  It's moment by moment susrrender.

Everyday is something new.  We may assume we know what is going to happen today, but we don't.  No we just don't know what will come to us today.

We've all been at God's mercy 24 hours a day since we've been alive?  Think about it.  We haven't saved ourselves at all.

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