450,000 Troops and Military dieing of Uranium Depletion illness and many don't even know what it is?
There are also in this count, many that are dying of the Gulf War Vet Syndrome.
5242820 U.S. Goverment Patent for the Gulf War Syndrome, explained on Page 20 of the 80 page document.
Please go to:
and See what is happening to our
? This is not a conspiracey. So get off that kick right now, these troops are acutally going through this right now? Please for Heaven's sake complain to your congressman, get to
http://www.gulfwarvets.com  and read and listen? They are in desperate trouble. 1/2
million troops should be enough proof for you? How much do you need?
http://www.grassrootspeace.org/  Please sign this petition to stop the war in Iraq, and Afganistan,
and beg and plead if we have to not to  go to Iran. Please if you have seen the links above
how much more proof do you need?