My Views on Salvation


    Salvation You know? I tried my very very best all my life to think or try to be what other people call good. Well I just couldn't do it, no matter what I did. If I didn't cuss, then I drank, if I didn't drink, then I didn't tithe, If I thythed, I was mean to my kids, and so on. Well, it says in the bible right in the bible that "All our righteousness is as filthy rags before the lord." And it means without Christ we are just not righteous no matter how "good" somebody seems.
    We are well I guess I'd better speak for myself. The only thing "good" about me are my intentions. I'm a mess without Christ. And even with Christ I am in a constant struggle.

"It's a constant struggle." I get some
half cocked idea into my head, and so I act on it, and at
a later time, I hang my head in shame wondering what
in the world I could of been thinking.!

    The bible also says "Who sover will." That means to me  that whosoever will believe in God will have salvation.  Not everyone will give their hearts to God, and Christ. Some people like to imply that there is such a thing as predestination. Well if that's so then God's a liar, because it says that we have free will. So what do you think?

    We think we are being virtuous when we stay in a
relationship that is totally destructive, because God
said?  God said?  Is it really love to be constantly at
each others throats?  Do we really think that it's for
the best for the children?  I can't tell you how many
nights at home when I was a little girl, I cried myself
to sleep because my mother was being mistreated.

    Now I come from the other side.....I have been married
more then once.  Several times.  The reason is I was so
mentally beaten down from sexual assault as a child I
had no self esteem.  And further  more I "assumed"
because I would never lie about who am, and what I am
that everybody would do the same.  I always found very
needy men who were practicing alcoholic's or practicing
drug additcts, and because I was so wonderful and under-
standing, loveing kind, and generous  we were going to
"get well together" and walk off into the sunset.! Ha!
talk about an ego trip?

    Salvation?  It's not anything I've ever done, or any-
thing I ever will do.  I simply surrendered to christ, and
"let Christ" do the work in me.  Oh, yes I have to make
choices but for years all my choices were bad ones.  But
God loved me anyway.  No it's what God does in us, not
what I'm going to do other then simply believe in God.
And according to the bible I didn't do that on my own
either.  No, It's God's work in me, not my work in him.

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