My way of saying my prayers

For thirty years I had a really bad case of ulcers.  Sometimes two
ulcers.  I was sick sick sick for years. This is before they found
out that bacteria causes most ulcers, and now you can take medication
for them and be healed up within 10 days if it's the bacterial kind.
So for thirty years or there abouts I couldn't afford medication that
they had in those days and so rain or shine, I had to work, sick. Period.

This is what I do when I'm sick, and I mean really sick, and I'm full
of pained, and I'm stressed out, I can't take anymore this is what I do.
I don't ask for myself.  I go to the Lord and I pray.  This probably
takes me 30 minutes to do this.  I go to someplace quiet all to myself
and I go to the Lord I pray for every single person that I can think
of that needs a prayer.

I pray for the people in Africa who's babies are sick and dying in
their mothers arms because of governments and yes even us, what are
we doing about it?  It's us too; along with the governments.  Somebody
somewhere should speak up, should do something.  You can say "God?
Why don't you send somebody to help that poor peoples?" and I'm sure
his answer will be ...."I did, I sent you."  The governments can't
spend the money it would take to feed the little babies; to busy buying bombs.

I pray for those in Manchuria, who've been imprisoned, I've prayed
for them for 30 years, or about. I've asked nearly every single day
for them.  They can't even take a bath?  Have you ever thought about
how it would feel if you couldn't take a bath? How about going without
one for a week?  How would you feel?  And then just imagine going
without a bath for months?  If not years?

And those people I'm talking about, because they agreed to server
our country, they got up from Sunday dinner one afternoon, and they
never came home again.  No more fried chicken, no more mashed potatoes
and gravy,no more Kool-Aid, no more apple pie?  And for what?  For us
that's for what?  And what are we doing about it?

They receive beatings all this time for those who still are alive.
no heat? No little grandson to put his little arms around their
neck and hear ..."I love you" from a little one?  They didn't even
get to see their little grand child let alone hold them and tell
them niter time stories like all other grand parents?  And I think
I've got problems?  They live on bread and water and hard labor? And
the mail man didn't bring me a letter today?

I pray for those who have been sexually assaulted, there's a woman
named I believe her full name is Trudy Chandler?  She wrote the book
"When Rabbit Cries?"  She was brutally viciously sexually assaulted
most of her young life, for 13 years.  Do you know how long 13 years
are when you're going to be beaten if you tell?  And you're going to
have snakes thrown on you if you don't do what the nice bad man tells
you to?  Her mother didn't do a thing about it?  And I don't have
cigarettes to last for the month?  Oh!  Get real.!!!!  There's always
someone who has it worse then I do somewhere.

Maybe I do have problems, but are they any less important then others are?
Do my needs matter and we'll just excuse the suffering of others? With
no thought about what they are going through?  Oh!  Give me a break!!

We serve a Christ who doesn't play favorites?  Those people really
really do count to Christ.  Am I going to be so "special" because I
got a bad child hood?  My life was a living nightmare and I got the
good guys.  My dear God in heaven how do these "others" stand it?  so
I pray for them with all my heart in all earnestness.

I pray for countries like Argentina,Brazil, India, Croatia, And
when I'm through I leave it all in God's hands.  I ask that God for
give sins of innocence and ignorance.  And when I've prayed for as
many people as I can, the sick children?  The starving homeless &
the naked.  The lonely, those who feel forsaken?

And when I'm through I praise and thank God for all that he's done
and is doing for me.  Then like the miracle which is what it is,
in about 20 minutes if I'm trusting God with all my heart, he
either takes the pained completely away, or he lessons it so I can
bear it, or gives me the ability to bear it.

At first this may seem crazy, that in all your pained and misery you
could possibly pray for others, but it works.  It's just a wonderful
release of all the problems of today for me.  It's like taking an
aspirin though it takes like I said about 20 minutes to work.

I can't do it on my own, that'd be like growing a new arm.  Like
If I say "Well!!! Today I'm going to grow a new arm?" No we can't
do that and we can't get better when we are stressed out and sick
either, but God can and will if he is sought.

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